CCTV Drain Inspections

Do you know what is hiding in your drains?

Over the years, we’ve been astounded at the bizarre things we’ve discovered in piping systems. In years past, we didn’t always know the location or the exact problem. That was before CCTV drain camera.


Specialists in CCTV drain camera

We were not only the first company in New Zealand, but in fact, first in the southern hemisphere to offer top-of-the-line drain camera. More companies use them today, but none has our level of experience.

Diagnose then Cure!

You wouldn’t go to a doctor who says “I don’t know, let’s cut you open and figure it out.” So why would you trust your water system to a repair person who can’t see the problem. With our CCTVdrain camera system we can remove the guesswork and offer you the best solution. This drain camera system has saved us hundreds of hours and saved our customers thousands of dollars.

Drain camera inspections for council consent

If required, we can provide CCTV drain camera inspections for council consent. We know how to meet council standards, will provide a thorough inspection of your drain, provide a computer generated report using the latest “cleanflow” technology and then provide either a VHS or DVD to you for the council’s approval.

Plus you’ll have a great video to watch next time the grandkids come over! Okay, maybe not, but you will have what you need to get approvals.

*FREE CAMERA SPECIAL OFFER TERMS: Cannot be used in conjunction with any other special offer. Only valid if used in conjunction with standard price a residential drain unblocking service.

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