Drain Unblocking

It’s amazing how one blocked drain completely changes your life whether at home or in the workplace. You need drain unblocking. You need it fast. You need it done right.

You need 0800 Drainage and Plumbing

We can take care of all your drain unblocking. Our team of experts have everything necessary to eliminate and prevent future blockages


We will keep things running smoothly in your home or workplace.

  • Sinks
  • Toilets
  • Showers
  • Laundry
  • Sewer system
  • Storm water drainage

Whether your system is residential or industrial; whether your problem is sanitation, blockage or deodorization, we have the tools to get the job done right the first time.

We fix what they can’t!

Often we are called after customers have already spent money with someone else. They hire a plumber who doesn’t do drain unblocking. They hire a drainlayer who can’t provide dig service.

We have registered experts for all of your drain unblocking and plumbing needs. Additionally, each of our service vans is equipped with Hydro Jetter (high pressure water), Draining Rods (for industrial strength blockages), Electro-mechanical Machine (for tricky blockages in compact areas), and CCTV so we can literally see the problem.

Drain unblocking: Root problems

Which is stronger, that little tree, or a massive pipe? (You may be surprised). Roots can block or dislodge pipes surprisingly easily. Not only can it cause a blockage, but it also allows water to escape the pipe before it gets to its destination. This can cost you money and potentially damage your property.

With root problems we will help you create a temporary repair that may require no digging, or we can create a permanent solution with as little digging as possible. Additionally, we take care not to disturb the source of the roots whenever possible.

Dislodged pipes

Subtle shifts in the earth can gradually weaken and dislodge pipes, causing infiltration or leakage. It’s hard on the environment and can be unsafe. Surprisingly, many dislodging problems can be done without digging. If digging is necessary, we have the equipment and expertise.

*FREE CAMERA SPECIAL OFFER TERMS: Cannot be used in conjunction with any other special offer. Only valid if used in conjunction with standard price a residential drain unblocking service.

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